Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bird Food and Other Money Pits

I went to [unnamed home improvement store] tonight to get some lengths of chain to hang some new grow lights. I was sucked into the bird feeder area just "to browse" and saw a nifty three-part feeder that was intriguing. The middle part was for the basic songbird mix, one end was a suet cage, and the other end was, I thought, for thistle seed. In my head, I imagined how fun it'd be to watch a diverse array of birds all visiting one hub. But the mesh on one end looked too big for thistle. I read the label, which said this compartment was for "suet nuggets." What the heck are suet nuggets, I wondered, and why would I need them?

So I looked around and indeed found a bag of suet nuggets, pondering the advantage. Less messy to handle than blocks perhaps? Having suffered from lard-fingers, I can appreciate that. Or are birds following our lead with respect to hectic dining habits? Do they prefer the portability of McSuetNuggets to a sit-down (or, as it were, hanging-upside-down) dinner at the table? Whatever the answer, I resisted buying any of the above. And though it strained my willpower, I also rejected one of those cute corncob-holder squirrel feeders and bag of corn to stock it. Why buy a squirrel feeder? That's what bird feeders are for.

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