Friday, December 5, 2008

Tufted titmouse

This was my first real attempt at birding with the new camera. It was late-day and my hands weren't steady. Plus, little birdies almost never sit still. Ideally, I'll try shooting with a tripod—some day when I can camp out long enough for them to ignore me and go about their business.

The day before yesterday I filled all the feeders for the first time in forever. I didn't feed at all last winter. That was a matter of economics. But now that I have the new camera, it's a must. I'll make it part of our "entertainment budget." I filled the hanging feeder pictured here with cardinal/songbird mix, one tray feeder with black oil sunflower, the finch feeder with black thistle, and I hung two suets. No one got wise to them yesterday, but today everybody found 'em. I saw:
  • Blue jay on suet (I expect the downy woodpeckers will find it soon)
  • Titmice and cardinals at hanging feeder
  • Towhee at tray feeder
Looking forward to more adventures in photography. Stay tuned!


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Anonymous said...

Great photo. Backyard birding is allot of fun but comes with allot of aggravation. Out little feathered friends never seem to sit still for very long.

Keep us updated with your progress..

sweet bay said...

Great picture!

I think the Tufted Titmouse may be about the cutest bird on the planet.