Sunday, April 27, 2008

Black swallowtail caterpillars on yummy bronze fennel

I made note of seeing the first black swallowtail butterfly in the garden nine days ago. She was laying eggs on bronze fennel. Clearly, someone was here before that, as these caterpillars I found today are fourth or fifth instar already. I was going to inspect the whole plant for a total head count, but it started to rain. And it hasn't stopped—we've gotten almost 3 inches so far!


Anne Higgins said...

Carla - I published your photo of the caterpillars on my blog, and cited your blog and thanked you.
Thank you - hope that was ok.
I like your blog very much...
would love to meet your coyote warrior.
You can find my blog at

Best wishes


bestonline323 said...

Wow this picture is beautiful!
A good place on the Web to identify caterpillars is Bill Oehlke's Butterfly and Moth Caterpillars: Identification Guide. If you know the family of your caterpillar, you might try the Caterpillars of Eastern Forests website, click on the family name, and then view the thumbnails. If you have a big, colorful caterpillar in the Giant Silkworm Moth Family, the Saturniidae, and you're in Europe, visit Bill's European Saturniidae page.

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