Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby bunny makes my day

I'm putzing around the garden this afternoon when I spy a tiny young rabbit totally unaware of me. I crouch and sit as still as possible and watch it explore the garden. It's just beyond my arm's length. This young chap (or chapette) is no bigger than my fist, and it toddles in such an adorable, clumsy way.

It approaches a dahlia shoot. Sniff, sniff. Not interested. Ah, a bit of tansy. Nibble. That's an interesting flavor. Perhaps a tad too strong though. A taste of wild verbena. Not bad. But here: a tender clover leaf! This, I like, thinks little cottontail, whose tail is not yet cottony.

Then it turns and ambles toward me, and I make nary a move. (Now, usually I'm not good at sitting still. I have less patience with birds, but in an encounter with a wild mammal of any shape or size, I have the discipline of a Buckingham Palace guard). Here it comes: the reward. The baby bunny steps right onto the top of my shoe and perches there. Hold my breath, hold my breath, hold my breath. It sits for just a second, then moves on, across the garden, past the onions, and eventually through the fence and into the neighbor's yard.

(Remains of meal retrieved, and scanned for your viewing enjoyment. Cute little teeth marks!)

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Chad & Brandy said...

Just found your blog and am really enjoying it so far.. I too perform the statue pose when the little bunnies come through the back yard.