Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I heard on the radio yesterday that Daylight Savings Time starts this Sunday, March 9th. The "saving" part is dead right, as the news has rescued my mood from the shadows. There's a storm on the way, so I took this photograph of hellebores against the cloudy sky earlier. Had to lie on my back to capture it, and it felt good to be one with the ground even though my butt got wet. So the good news is that rain and extra daylight are on the way. The bad news is that Brett Favre announced his retirement from the NFL today. You can't have everything.

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shivere said...

Hi Carla

I just love Hellebores!!

You mentioned defeating coyotes. Do you also have a problem? They have killed about 12 goats here.

I would love to link my blog to yours

Diana GArdner-Williams