Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, we did.


David in Greensboro, NC said...

Hey Carla,
Did you see that the AP has called NC for Obama? Guess we're officially no longer a "pro-American" part of the country...Funny, I feel more like an American than I ever have!

Carla said...

Yes, it was about time. My dad called me on Election Night after the national newsfolk called the race for Obama. He asked me if I was going to turn in. I said no, that I wasn't going to bed until they called NC for Obama. I made it until 3:30 before I caved. Good thing, or I would've been mighty sleep-deprived about now.

Yes, NC is officially a home for anti-American heathens now, I guess. We will be led by a socialist celebrity and an atheist Senator. ;-) In seriousness, I heard lots of people, predictably, saying they'd move to Canada or another country if Obama lost. Though I have said something like that myself (notably in 2004), my response was the same: I love the United States. I love living here and I love being an American. In my opinion, our society's shortcomings would be all the more reason to remain and try to regain the balance. People in other countries often must fight and sacrifice for democracy in a way that would be daunting and exhausting to many of us too-often-complacent Americans. But I and other "fake Americans" I know would all roll up our sleeves, as our President-Elect challenged, and reclaim our majesty.

Many Americans have forgotten the meaning of sacrifice. It was shameful that we "benefited" from a tax cut during a time of war under the "leadership" of our President. How much did we actually "benefit" when it meant that our troops and their families suffered immeasurably as a result. We are now poorer for that--both literally and figuratively.

OK, off my soapbox and off to celebrate more!