Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Purple Hull Peas are in!

The purple hull peas have arrived. I bought a few the weekend before last at the North Carolina State Farmer's Market (a large 7-day-a-week market that draws vendors from across the state). I got the peas pictured here this morning at a downtown open-air farmer's market, an urban experiment. I think this is the second year of it, and it's only open on Wednesdays for 3 1/2 hours. It's just over 1 mile away. The hours have never been convenient for me before, but today I had time to check it out.

There weren't as many vendors as I'd hoped. I bought the peas, along with some yellow-hued fingerling potatoes, from a local grower who both supplies and owns a tapas restaurant in town. The restaurant returns its scraps to the farm for composting. I bought a handful of beautiful shitake mushrooms from another local grower. They were delicious in a shallot and mushroom breakfast omelette. We had the potatoes on the side. I wasn't too crazy about the flavor—a bit strong and bitter. My husband thought they tasted fine. Just goes to show how palates vary. I did some googling to investigate what variety they might be, and my best guess is Russian Banana.

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