Friday, February 1, 2008

"The cruellest month"

What T.S. Eliot said of April I believe is more true of February. In this part of the world anyway. It's my least favorite month. The light's all wrong, and it's just too cold and blah-y. Though Mother Nature sometimes produces a few nice, unseasonably warm days for us here in central N.C., she's a ruthless tease. It'll be 70F three days in a row, I let down my guard, and the cats claim my winter coat for a bed. Then the Old North Wind springs out from behind her and exhales. Pee-eeeeewwww.

I've always found it ironic that Hallmark chose this month for a romantic holiday—the month of chapped lips, dry skin and a coif besieged by static electricity.

One gift today, however, was the fully open flower of an Amaryllis my mom gave me for Christmas. At once, both a reminder and a promise.


Mary said...

I agree with you. February is very Blah-y. And the weather here in NC ranges from sub-freezing to tropical within 24 hours. I've been in NC for two years and have just learned to have a jacket or coat ready to wear over my t-shirt by 4pm.

(I came from David's site).

Nice to meet you!

Carla said...

Hi Mary -- Nice to meet you too. Looks like we're all going to need short sleeves for the next few days. Anybody got a Giants T-shirt to loan?